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The Source Arts Centre

Summer Camp

The Source '17

The Source '15

The Source Arts Centre Summer Camp is a weeklong summer project for 13 – 19 year olds interested in contemporary devised performance and design.  Running since 2010 it has resulted in over 7 original performances and installations that have occupied the centres theatre, gallery, boardwalk and underground car park as well as interventions into Thurles itself.


I have worked with The SourceArts Centre in Thurles since July 2011 for their annual Summer Projects designing and facilitating young people’s designs for performance.


Projects include:


I worked as Assistant Designer on A Trashcatchers Midsummer Nights Dream (2011)


I have been lead Designer/Facilitator since 2012.


I was designer and maker of the Kamishibai (Japanese paper theatre) for Message In A Bottle international arts exchange project 2012 with Tallaght Commmunity Arts, Project Phakama (London) and The Source Arts Centre Thurles.

My other Source Arts Centre Summer Projects include:

Sher: Before the First Night – designed a stage set of a favella for a contemporary version of 1001 Nights (2013)

By the Skin of Our Teeth, a contemporary version of the Noah’s Ark story (2014)

Dada Café, a dadaist cabaret  of an alternative history in which poets Lorca and Yeats paths cross in 1920 New York (2015)

Out of the Frame, an exploration of surrealist performance in an empty underground car park (2016)

To Go North Is To Go South a performative and design response to cultural tourism (2017)   


The Source '14

The Source '13

The Source '11

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